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WEBINAR SPEAKING TIPS – We have all been thrown into a strange new world where we have been forced to deal with new technology and working from home.  Even those of us who have had lots of experience juggle the advances on the internet found ourselves dealing with unique communication situations.  

A close friend and expert in the field, Elia Nichols wrote a short and engaging article detailing 7 tips to help newbies and long time users to navigate the world of  Zoom meetings and online conversations.  One of her most intriguing pointers was number 7 – 

“When you look right at the camera, which absolutely feels awkward at first, the other participants in your meeting experience good eye contact.” Elia Nichols

For me, this is so much easier when I am standing in front of my audience, but when I am facing a public on the screen, it is more difficult to make eye contact and I often forget there are “real people” watching me from behind the lens.

For more good – easy to follow tips click on the full article:  7 tips to transform your video Presentation by Elia Nichols”