Social Media & Content Calendar Monthly Update



Organization is fundamental, Why ??

When you start your month with an organized calendar, you are prepared to become 60% more effective in reaching your target audience.

1. Don't miss Key Dates & Events
2. No more last-minute planning
3. Improves consistency
4. Cuts down on errors
5. Program marketing goals and incorporate them in your calendar


Our one and a half-hour session is divided as listed below, however, this can be adjusted to fit your specific requests:

1.) approx 10 min  We start by looking over the annual calendar, looking for new events, conferences, and webinars - or maybe you are planning to organize or sponsor an event on your own.  We also take time to examine new information you may have about your target audience and where they may be "hanging out".

2.) approx 10 min  Then we give a look at the marketing, communication & social media goals that you set at the beginning of the year. Are they still valid, have you already reached your goals - are you behind? have you added new projects, products?  We will take time to adjust trimester goals and apply them to the content strategy.

3.) approx 10 min  Review the insights and analytics for the different formats that you are using and posting in - we look for trends both positive and negative.

4.) approx 50 min  (max 3 platforms, choose from LinkedIn, FB, Insta, Twitter, Blog, Website) Using a content calendar template we insert the basic information necessary for writing posts and creating original content for blogs and your website that are in alignment with your goals.

5.)  approx 10 min Q & A and a new tip each month for posting effectively