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An effective online presence management program is more than just having a website or a Facebook page, it is about connecting with your public with interesting and engaging information on a wide array of appropriate sites, drawing traffic to your site, internet profiles or social media outlet, and creating a call to action that resonates with the end user.

Your online presence is a combination of online elements which can be used to create a successful marketing campaign and showcase your services or product, enhance your reputation and generate business

Productive results require an online presence management program:  planning, time and a bit of creativity. And even after you have studied, researched, and done the webinars, there is one thing that will be clear:  there is always something new to learn.

The best strategy for programming an online presence that creates results is to have defined your goals, and your target audience.

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know your target

The more precise your knowledge the easier it is for your onine presence management plan to produce an interesting and engaging presence that offers value to your target.

show-up online

Studies show that in 2018 that more than 90% of business will have an online presence: website, social media, blogging and digital profile sites are all possible ways to show up online.

be active

To be competitive you need to be active: updating your website, interacting on social media, posting blogs and responding to comments and request. 

Improve your Presence

Creating a Social Media Calendar


  • Identifying the Target
  • Selecting  Content
  • Creating a Calendar
  • Catching emails
  • Hashtags & Tagging
  • Creating Stories
  • Setting up your Profile
  • Following Analytics

Authoritative blogging presence


  • Promoting with a Blog
  • Identifying the target
  • Identifying  Content
  • Establishing an Audience
  • Keyword Focus
  • Creating a calendar
  • Responding to comments
  • Inserting CTAs

Seo-friendly Website


  • Intro to SEO / SERPS
  • Keyword focus session
  • Internal & external links
  • Web optimization
  • Photo optimization
  • Google Analytics intro

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