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When a Plan Comes Together

Perhaps one of my favorite quotes when it comes to my activity. Stretching beyond language and cultural confines to connect people with … whatever it is they are looking for.  

Over 25 years living in Tuscany has added spice & diversity to my life through active exploration of the bounty held within its borders.  

I have made Tuscany my home and I truly enjoy helping others discover why it is such an enchanting and engaging destination for holidays, for work or even just for living life.

My cultural integration and personal determination along with my knowledge about this region translate into helping others realize success.








Success starts with clear cut goals & strategies for creating events, finalizing projects or detailing the steps for creating your online voice.

Success becomes keyword-focused tags, titles, descriptions and fresh content on a blog  – stories that express your message and offer) 

Success means keeping your message up to date by using social media, offering valid information for your users and working search engines for an organic reach. 

Setting   SMART  Goals  for  you

Online Presence Management