What do I do?

To sum it up in two words:  Web Literacy.  That means navigating the web, creating for the web, and participating in the web.

I work with women entrepreneurs and business owners, teaching them skills and strategies that will transform intimidating online tasks into easy and actionable steps for success.

Donna Denise Scharnagl

owner of DonnaInTuscany

Engaging customer experience so that as an end result, we be CMSable. Leverage below the fold and finally gain traction. Generating bleeding edge and creating actionable insights.

Leon Logan

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Generating best in class in order to improve overall outcomes. Inform outside the box thinking and finally target the low hanging fruit. Repurose big data and possibly gain traction.

Nettie Ellis

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial

Event Schedule

Easy to follow business lunch tutorials on ZOOM


How to use & Find #hashtags

Business Lunch Tutorial 

March 31, 2021

8:30 PM CET

Google Analytics - Analyzing the numbers DonnainTuscany


Google Analytics

Business Lunch Tutorial 

April 16, 2021

12 Noon CET

Leveraging LinkedIn

Business Lunch Tutorial 

April 30, 2021

12 Noon CET

Taking Steps for Success

Being active online is a daunting job.  Donna In Tuscany helps you transform intimidating tasks into easy-to-do steps for success using tech-language everyone can understand, teaching how to use free, manageable tools that you can find online & setting achievable goals that feel good.

Donna In Tuscany consults, assists, and mentors individuals & organizations, new & established small businesses to formulate a productive and empowering relationship with their digital presence. Establish and improve your relationship with anything online including search engines, your website, social media, and lots of useful free tools online.


Some of our activities include identifying your story and markets, writing compelling content for your website & social media, creating & updating SEO-friendly websites, teaching how to use online tools, creating and using social media accounts, setting deadlines, and learning how to engage your potential client online.

Navigating the web

An online presence management program is more than just your personal social media accounts, website, or profile pages; it is your digital brochure.

It is accessible worldwide at any given moment by your next potential client and should represent you & your goals.

Create a Presence

Creating for the web

Optimize your online presence so it best represents you. We will work together to  find keyword focus for your service, provide value to your clients, connect with social media

and search engine friendly content

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Partecipating on the web

Once you have distinguished the direction you are heading in, the next step is to break them down into “SMART” goals.

We will work together to assign each step a name, a deadline & a quantifiable result.

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improve reach, ROI & lead generation

7 Ways You Can Personally Engage with Your Target Audience

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